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Galactic Umi is our second prototype project in our efforts to practice game design and programming. It is a hand-animated one level boss rush style shooter side-scrolling style.

           Captain Umi is a specialized combat android created for the military operation known as the Critical Assault Command. The CAC is composed of elite soldiers who only see combat in the most dire of situations. This is one of those situations...

            Hailing from the darkest reaches of Space, an ancient being known as Amida the Dark Portal threatens to bring forth a terrible hoard bent on galactic domination. Only Captain Umi is powerful enough to stand against such a foe. Should she fail, the fate of the galaxy will be lost to chaos and evil shall reign supreme.


Arrow Keys = Up / Down / Left / Right
Enter = Start (used to Pause the game)
Esc = Select (used for exiting and resetting game)
X = Shoot
C = Dodge
L-Shift = Transform

Left Joystick = Movement
Start = Start (used to Pause the game)
Select = Select (used for exiting and resetting game)
A / X = Shoot
B / Y = Dodge
RT (Right Trigger) = Transform  

Game play
            In this game you take control of Captain Umi of the CAC to combat the evil Amida the Dark Portal. Amida will take every opportunity to damage you and will likely summon minions to aid her. Shoot down her minions and her to win!

            Umi is equipped with a cannon that can fire in a tri-burst while in her Soldier mode (vertical configuration). When Umi is in Jet mode (horizontal configuration) she can only fire a single shot as her reserve energy must be spent on her thrusters. However, in Jet Mode Umi can move faster when going left or right and also becomes a more narrow target.

            Lastly is Umi's secret weapon: the Warp Dodge. By moving in a direction and pressing the Dodge button, Umi can teleport away from harm. The warping of space around this move leaves behind a miniature Black Hole which will consume projectiles and damage larger foes. The Black Hole won't last forever though and will eventually collapse. Umi's health is displayed via a Red bar at the top left side of the screen. The green bar below her health indicates when her Warp Dodge is charged and ready to be executed. Good luck Captain! 


Art & Design: Christopher Cypress
Programming: Alexander Catinella
Musical scores: Jeffery Morant

Sound effects provided by freesound.org. Credits provided upon request.

Install instructions

Galactic Umi is a full installer game. Download the .exe and install the game to run it. The game will have an uninstaller in its installation location.


Galactic_Umi.exe 72 MB

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